Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Shipment At Mountain Home

We are putting out New Items out every week at

Mountain Home, in Hendersonville NC. Our

shoppe in on Main Street located inside

Old Towne Market......

We have fine furnishings, artwork,
lamps, jewelry and offer Interior
Design work.

Here I am after a long day of talking
with clients all day.....

More Goodies....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mountain Home Open!!!!

It's a short drive to Hendersonville, NC from any

direction!!! As you can see its a scenic drive, in the

foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Our shoppe is located in the Old Towne Market on
Main Street Hendersonville, a charming Historic Town.

Here we are.......we have crammed everything
imaginable into our space, mirrors, desks, chairs,
lamps, accessories

This is our little Garden Section.....

I said every nook and cranny!!

We have price ranges for every shopper. Our

jewelry is magnificent, from beautiful high end

gems to great costume stone jewelry.

We hope you make the trip to Downtown
Hendersonville and Visit Us at Mountain Home.

Kate and Linda

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something New

Something New is what am calling my hand made jewelry
I learned how to make stained glass about 30 years ago
in Michigan before my first daughter was born. It was a
great winter hobby in Michigan. When I saw the photo
of these Monogram Charms I knew I could make them.

I made the Monogram's first and cut the glass to size.
I put the Monogram between the two pieces of glass and
wrapped them with the copper foil.
Then soldered them together. I add the bezel then the ring
and the bead and pearl.

This is the photo that started it all.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Blogger Friends Items We Will Carry...

We are proud to support some of my Blogger
Friends handmade items.....Above and Below
are tags made by Kris at

We also will be carrying Kimberly Shaw

Tea Cards.....
A sneak peek at some other items we will
Framed Doggie Prints.....

Birdie items.....Until then....

New Shoppe, New Adventure.......

These are photos of the shoppe before we took possession.
We are opening a New Shoppe, called Mountain Home in
Hendersonville NC, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My partner
Linda and I have
taken on this venture....../
Linda and I worked together for seven years previously.

Exciting photo of the Ceiling, and space before we
have done any of our work to it. Next week Linda
is going up to do the
first delivery of items to our space. A week from
Tuesday I will do the same thing. Our goal is
to be open for Memorial Weekend and the
Garden Jubilee in Hendersonville.

There won't be any after photos until around
May 23rd when I return.

We are so excited and hope this turns into
the beginning of a Great New Chapter in Our